My story

Who am I?

I started my career as a journalist, working in Canberra, London and Melbourne. I went on to work as a ministerial media adviser and communications manager in various government roles, and led the communications team at Victoria’s Country Fire Authority as it rebuilt public trust following the Black Saturday bushfires. My specialties are writing and editing, brand and reputation, strategy, social media, web content and SEO, digital marketing, media, government relations and stakeholder engagement. I moved to the Illawarra with my family in 2015, swapping Melbourne weather and traffic for sunshine and the beach.

What inspired me to create my business?

Two things: my love of writing and communications, and my desire to be present as much as possible during those fleeting primary school years. I started my business Liz Armitage Communications in 2017, initially bringing in projects from Melbourne.

What do I enjoy most about my work?

The thing I love most is the storytelling aspect of communications – it appeals to me as a former journalist. Everyone has a story, and every business or organisation has a story. In our ‘amplified’ media and social media world it’s the good stories that stand out. I enjoy working with people, businesses and organisations to find that story, and tell it in a way that resonates with their audience.

What is a typical work day for me?

My most productive work time is first thing in the morning. Things seem to flow better at that time of day. I think women (and men) who are balancing family and career learn to be really efficient with time. When I’m working I often use a version of the Pomodoro technique, setting a timer, usually for an hour, to achieve as much as I can in that time, then take a short break. When I’m involved in a project I find it hard to take a break, but I’ve learned over time that life-affirming activities like a yoga class or a swim in the ocean are really important for productivity and avoiding burn-out.

What inspires and motivates me?

I’m inspired by people who work with integrity and authenticity – it shows! I was recently very inspired by a primary school teacher who retired after a 39-year career in which she changed many lives through compassion, kindness and generosity.

What have I learned on my journey?

At the end of any project I take some time to reflect on what worked well, and what could have worked better – and I write it all down. I find this process really helpful because it’s often the things that could have worked better that we learn the most from.